What We Do

Give a Future operates a series of community level programs in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia benefiting children, youth and women. All of the programs deliver a QUALITY education, which leads to impressive results and life long jobs.

The goal of our projects is to reduce the impact of poverty by working with motivated community members to improve educational and economic opportunities. We do this using a multi-faceted approach that supports individuals at various stages of life through free primary and secondary education, youth vocational training and women’s microfinance which leads to economic independence.

We have been recognised for our unwavering commitment to providing QUALITY services to the women and children in our programmes. Success is NOT defined by the QUANTITY of people in our programmes but by the QUALITY of services we provide that enable our beneficiaries to improve their lives for the long run. Nobody will ever be able to take your education and training away.

We have ALWAYS been committed to QUALITY over QUANTITY

We take impact measurement seriously as it is the only way to determine what is working and what needs changing. Our team on the ground is constantly involved in data collection and follow-up, so we can see the effect of our programmes and when needed take immediate steps to improve them. This feedback loop ensures that our programmes are driven by the results… and those results are impressive.

Our structure

  • Give a Future is run by a group of 6 dedicated Board members in London who cover all administrative costs and believe in sustainable change through cost effective programmes, delivered at a high standard quality.
  • We have a US Board of directors, who help with fundraising and strategy.
  • We have a strong team of 68 professionals in Addis Ababa, who run the projects on the ground.

We beat poverty with Jobs, every single day of each year. Only a TOP quality programme will make a lasting change.

Why it works

Local ownership

All our programmes are delivered by Ethiopians who know the struggle and managed to escape poverty by educating themselves. Local knowledge is king.

Geographical focus

We focus our work in Addis Ababa with real and relevant investments in real issues with local solutions for lasting and sustainable change.

Lean operation

We turn every penny around a few times before spending it. Does it achieve maximum impact? If yes we spend it wisely and achieve world class results since 10 years.

Share our success:

We love learning about others and share our experiences with other organisations and local government to help achieve a bigger impact.

Exit strategy

We support – not create dependence and that makes all the difference. Every single one of our programmes has a view to become independent and some of our programmes have achieved this or are well on their way to being fully sustainable.

Why Ethiopia?

Ethiopia is still the 10th poorest country in the world, however, the economy is growing steadily every year:

  • In 2012, Ethiopia was the 12th fastest growing economy in the world.
  • Ethiopia provides stability in a fragile part of East Africa; it has a major role in the global fight against terrorism and huge geopolitical signicance in the region.
  • Ethiopia is the second most populated country in Africa after Nigeria.
  • Ethiopia has a majority Christian and minority Muslim population that have.
  • Peacefully coexisted for centuries.
  • Ethiopia could either help or hinder the spread of radical Islam across the belt of Africa.
  • Ethiopia is sub-Saharan Africa’s fth biggest economy. It is at the focal point of emerging economies’ interest with various delegations of foreign investors seeking investment opportunities in the largest landlocked country in the continent.