3 group homes, 35 orphans in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Our Homes for orphans are the heart of our programmes, albeit a very small portion of our overall work, it is where we meet and feel at home. We started our work more than 10 years ago by setting up the first home. They are the beginning of our programmes and we have a long relationship with our orphans, whom we all love dearly.

Successes in 2016

  • 4 children started at university in 2016
  • 80% of the school children scored above 65% at school
  • Independence policy for graduated children takes effect
  • 6 children already study at university successfully
  • 2 children doing vocational training
  • 14 children study in grade 9-12 successfully
  • 9 children are in grade 1-8 and doing well
  • the children started a vegetable garden at one of the homes

Going forwards in 2017

  • Six children are writing Grade 10 National Exam in 2017 which determines their path going forwards – university or vocational training
  • One child will write the Grade 12 National Exam, which determines the acceptance to which university in Ethiopia
  • Close down one of the group homes at the beginning of 2017

Raising children is a long-term commitment. With the right care the children thrive and become positive, successful contributors to society. That was our aim when we began caring for a group of 40 children. It is done on a very small scale but with a huge impact on each one of them. Our Homes are the heart of our project. We are educating future adults who can live independently & contribute to their community.

Our three oldest girls are proof of what love and support can do:

  • Abaynesh – was going to be sold into marriage at age 11 and ran away. She joined our Home 8 years ago and is now in her second year of Medical School.
  • Adanu – completely orphaned with nowhere to go she joined our Home 6 years ago at the age of 15 and has since graduated with a diploma in accountancy.
  • Haimanot – completely orphaned with nowhere to go she joined our Home 6 years ago and has since graduated from Nursing College and has begun studies to become a qualified Dentist.