Our Scholarship Fund

172 students at private schools and universities across Ethiopia.

Education is, quite simply, peace-building by another name. It is the most effective form of defense spending there is

Through your support our children receive a higher education and change the future of their families forever.

It gives them life-long knowledge and expertise, which cannot ever be taken away.

Our scholarship programme ensures that education is not simply a privilege of the wealthy but a right for all children. It also ensures that particularly bright children continue on to secondary education and university.

We now have 100 top students at private schools across Addis Ababa, 50 university students across Ethiopia and internationally, as well as 22 students in vocational colleges to get a degree in nursing and many other vocational areas.

(We have 92 girls and 8 boys in the scholarship fund.)

  • 0% drop out rate
  • All score above 80% (out of 100%)
  • Families supported through parent workshops
  • 100% of university students graduate and are in jobs after graduating
  • £400/year for secondary students, grade 5-12
  • £311/year for university students

One of our scholarship students has won the prize of “most academically successful student in Addis Ababa”.

Successes in 2016

  • Primary students are scoring better results
  • Our students were the top ranked in their class for Lower KG, Grade 1, 2, 4, 6 and 9
  • Regular meetings with primary student’s parents to discuss challenges, experience share & encourage academic support for their children
  • We continue to see high employment rates among our university graduates
  • Among university graduates who reported their salary the average was over 2,000ETB/month

We have also been able to identify some important factors that contribute to the academic success of a child from our discussions with parents.

Our most successful scholarship students often have these 3 factors:

1) They live with both parents & they have employment
2) Parents save a pay 100birr (£3.50) per month for extra tutorials at the school
3) The household has at least some economic security


In 2017 we are channelling 150 of our primary school students into our new schools, so they can receive an even better education and we can streamline our scholarship fund.

We will concentrate on taking only higher education students into this programme in the future in order to get more children into universities and straight into well paid jobs.

This programme creates the future leaders of tomorrow and we will scale this programme to get more students into higher education.


Students selected for our new scholarship program came from a few sources:

  • Our primary schools
  • Our existing scholarship students
  • Recruited from kebele (2)
Grade Number of Students
Gr2 2
Gr5 28
Gr6 13
Gr7 28
Gr8 11
Gr9 4
Gr10 4
Gr11 5
Gr12 3
Gr13 98


We currently have 50 active university students at universities across Ethiopia as well as abroad.

This year we are adding 22 female students who did not pass the national exam in grade 12 and cannot afford to continue their education. They are listed in the spreadsheet and more data on them will be coming shortly.

List of ALL graduates as of July 2018:

Name   Sex  Program   Job Status   Grad. Year  
Amelework Gashaw  Psychology  Looking for Job  2018 
Belete Yehualashet  Management  Looking for Job  2018 
Binyam T/Maryam  Construction Mgmt.  Looking for Job  2018 
Letay Gidey  Midwifery  Looking for Job  2018 
Ageze Erwaro  Civil Engineering   Looking for Job  2018 
Mihiret Belachew  Engineering   Looking for Job  2018 
Selam Tesfaye  Tourism   Looking for Job  2018 
Yeshareg Alemayehu  Accounting  Got a Job; 2300/mth   2018 
Henos Mihiretu  Mechanical Eng.   Looking for Job  2018 
Almaz Goche  accounting  Got a Job  2018 
Sifen Jeda  Accounting   Got a job  2018 
Siyum Tolosa  Engineering   Looking for a job  2018 
Hana Dagnew  Sociology  Employed  2017 
Yeshareg Alelign  Civil Engineering  Employed  2017 
Tsiyon Sorsa  Accounting & finance  Employed  2017 
Betelihem Belay  Civil Engineering  Employed  2017 
Adegu Tsedeke  Medicine  Employed  2017 
Yosef Ketema  Water Engineering   Employed  2016 
MeronMelaku  Chemical Engineering   Employed   2016 
Ashenafi Solomon  Economics   Employed  2016 
Azeb Awoke  Teaching   Employed  2016 
MunaFedlu  Medicine   Employed   2015 
Mohamed Seid  Com. Engineering  Self employed   2015 
TadeleDarago  Engineering   Employed   2015 
EndeshawMenberu  Engineering   Employed   2015 
BayalignMulugeta  Engineering   Employed   2015 
TamiratSeboka  Water engineering   Employed  2015 
DilnesawBelachew  Technology   Employed   2015 
MelakuMelese  Engineering   Employed  2015 
KasahunYitayew  Engineering   Self employed   2015 
GizealemDereje  Civil Engineer   Employed   2015 
Amare Alemayehu  B. Economics   Employed   2015 
FraolGonfa  Sociology   Employed  2015 
DiribaGonfa  Accounting   Employed   2014 
MilionTarekegn  Accounting & Finance   Employed   2014 
WubalemAsefa  Special needs teaching  Employed  2014 
Addis Belayneh  Accounting   Employed   2014