3 award winning schools, 500 children, a daily lunch programme, parent workshops, health screening and de-worming, tutoring and family support. This programme benefits more than 1500 people directly.

Education is, quite simply, peace-building by another name. It is the most effective form of defence spending there is.

We run award-winning schools with award winning students

  • 97% score above average results
  • Only 3% are below 65%
  • Our drop out rate is below 1%
  • 100% parental involvement
  • Extremely high student attendance rate
  • Low teacher absent rate

Major factors contributing to successes

  • Teacher performance: close monitoring of in-class performance, lesson planning, constructive criticism, recognition of achievements
  • Early warning system: strict follow-up of struggling students, continuous test analysis, meeting & action plan with teacher, student and parent
  • Effective use of limited resources
  • Wide range of classroom activities
  • Lunch program
  • Extra curricular activities: tutorials, special interest clubs
  • Strong participation: in flag ceremony presentations, encouragement of students to explore various interests, public speaking & artistic expression
  • Strong leadership: in teaching and development of the learning process Going Forwards in 2017…

Changes at the government level

  • New Ministry of Quality Assurance is setting new standards for schools across the country
  • Upgrades include larger space requirements for compounds, computer lab, multiple science labs & a library with at least 5000 books
  • The government has a tentative deadline of September 2017 for all schools to comply

What this means for us…

  • We need to move our schools to a larger compound
  • We need to further invest in upgrading our computer & laboratory facilities
  • We need to purchase more references books

The deadline for these changes is tentative as it will be difficult for many schools to comply with the requirements and shutting down schools will lead to an enrolment crisis.

We are awaiting the final decision from the Ministry before we implement the expansion.

School Expansion Plan

  • Acquire a large compound that accommodates between 500-1000 students
  • Merge the 150 students from our Scholarship Program into our schools
  • Open a number of seats for “fee-paying” students to help cover the costs of running a larger school
  • Raise funds for the additional materials & upgrades (computers, lab & reference materials)

Benefits of our expansion plan

  1. we can provide a high quality education & excellent support to more children
  2. we can accommodate all our primary school students at one compound
  3. we will comply with the new government regulations
  4. we will expand our reach within the community
  5. we will become more financially sustainable in two ways:
  • by merging our scholarship students we will stop paying fees to other private schools & be able to invest that money in our own schools while also providing our scholarship students with the high level of education offered at our schools
  • by cost sharing with families who can afford fees we can afford more places for economically disadvantaged children

Education, the best investment for a bright future.

Improving educational attainment will create major social returns and benefit individuals, communities and nations.

Ethiopia’s economy is growing at more than ten percent a year. Yet only one percent of its population goes to university.

More Ethiopian young people than anywhere else in the world are poised to enter the workforce in the next thirty years.

They desperately need training to keep up with the country’s burgeoning economy. We fund higher education projects, to propel more young adults into this university educated minority.

And it’s not only at university level that education often falls short in Ethiopia. Only half of all children in the country attend primary schools. This number drops to a third in secondary schools.

We make sure that the children in our care complete their education – and crucially have a solid career path at the end of it.

Lack of support from the family can result in children being pulled from school to carry out household chores or bring in a meagre earning. We educate the parents of our students to understand the long-term investment of their child’s education.

Very small issues can impede education outcomes. Worm infection, for example, is a vast problem worldwide. High levels of morbidity associated with intense worm infection can cause nutritional and cognitive impairment in children. Education can be affected. In our three schools in Addis, we de-worm all our children twice a year. This is a low cost/high return strategy that many of the leading development organisations promote.

Hunger impedes concentration levels. This effect was highly visible from the first day we opened our primary schools. Children came with very little or nothing to eat at lunch. Many parents were too ashamed to send their children with no food and so they kept them at home. Absences were shockingly high, results were unacceptably low. Together with our Parent Committee we established the Lunch Programme, which provides a hot, nutritious meal to ALL our students EVERY day. The results were immediate and immensely satisfying. Absences dropped, results improved and we have received thanks and recognition from parents, community leaders and the local government.


In grade 10 he has received the highest educational achievement award of the sub-city. This not only demonstrates the quality of education our students receive but gives hope that indeed every extra year of schooling for the girls in our schools will provide them with an extra 10% of income over their lifetime.